Super Gut Healthy Fermented Red Onions!

How I missed Red Onion Chutney when I first made the move away from sugars in my diet. It was sooo good for sprucing up sandwiches, salads and as a garnish to entrees.

Once I discovered fermenting though… a whole new world of peppery flavors opened up to me. I love when food bites back. This is simple, yet one of my staple favorites. I also used a different method to ferment this batch and was pleased with its simplicity. Point to the old school of food preservation here!

Onions are rich in prebiotic (gut healthy) fibers and fermenting them adds to that a product rich in probiotics.  Prebiotics sort of run through your system and don’t account for much in the way of calories but they feed your microbiome (the good bacteria in your gut) to keep you strong and healthy.  If you didn’t love onions before now at least you have a basic understanding of their benefits.  After fermenting you get the “full package” with these super gut health stars.  And they taste pretty amazing as well!



  1. Lay all your tools on a cookie sheet with a silicone baking mat
  2. in the oven and heat to 170 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize everything.
  3. Peel, wash and slice your red onions into thin strips, or use a mandolin.  For speed (which is completely necessary when you have 3 or more children running around) I used the latter method.
  4. Pile the onions into the sanitized 2 Liter jar.
  5. Smash down with a washed French rolling pin or wooden spoon to release juices and be sure you have a couple inches space at the top.
  6. Cover with non-chlorinated water and your salt of choice.
  7. Weigh down with a sanitized fermentation weight or small jar.
  8. Wait 2-3 Days for the healthy bacteria to grow then serve and enjoy!  The juices will take on the color of the onion, which is a good indication of readiness.

A half batch of this is perfectly reasonable and will come out just the same. I just really like these.

They are a double whammy of good gut health and flipping tasty.


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