Bittersweet Paleo Keto Chocolates

(Paleo, Ketogenic, Vegan & Kauffman Compliant)

This is my new favorite treat.  It produces about an 80% cacao bar, but if you cut out the coconut oil or divide it and the cocoa butter by half it will yield an 85% version. I tried quite a few recipes, and in all honesty they were just too difficult (and not nearly good enough) for a desperate mum of 3 with very little time… and on the extreme anti-mycotoxin Kauffman Diet.  You think Whole30 is hard?  Well suck it up buttercup because that is a friggin’ cake walk.  I love to mix in cacao nibs or red chili flakes, hempseed and pumpkin seeds and the like to ward off small children and other thieves. If you want to leave them outside of a chilled environment, i would increase the cocoa butter to 50 grams and leave off the coconut oil so they don’t melt, but personally I like the smoother mouthfeel of the coconut oil ones.


Ingredients for the fat bomb freezer version:

Ingredients for the fridge version:



Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and turn on low heat.  Stir together until everything is melted and combined.  There are several ways to get your goodies into your chocolate… one is to add it in to the sauce directly (not to be done with chia seeds) and then pour into your molds, the other is to pour a bottom layer into your silicone molds, add your goodies: pumpkin seeds, chia, quinoa, nuts, cacao nibs, chili flakes etc… sometimes I like to spring some pink salt on the top sometimes. 


Pop in the freezer for 10-20 minutes until solid.  In cooler weather, these can be stored at room temperature, but the wee fat bombs are better hidden in the freezer anyway and it’s a no-brainer in warm weather.

** The only other non-sugar sweeteners I use are chicory root fiber sweetener, which is loaded with pre-biotic inulin and Sukrin Fiber Gold Syrup, but seeing as too much of the latter gives me gas the likes of a sure-fire husband repellant I steer clear these days.  But if you are so inclined, knock yourself out.  Lol.  I would put in 1-3 Tablespoons depending on your tastebuds.  Or raw honey if you are paleo or in the second phase of the Kauffman diet.


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